Get the look: 5 Décor Ideas for a Minimalist Home

Scrolling through Scandinavian décor ideas on Pinterest with a dreamy expression, you give a wistful sigh. One day, you think. One day you’ll live in a house like that. A house that’s warm, full of light, and elegantly simple. A house that invites you to breathe and relax. To live. What you might not know, however, is that you don’t have to wait until that wishful one day. These local brands have given you everything you need to create an intentional and well-curated home. Right now. And it’s as simple as counting to five.

1. Set the scene

Scandinavian design, founded on a history of practical and relaxing home-keeping, is identified by an intentional focus on clean, simple lines and functionality without sacrificing beauty. By introducing geometric shapes and modern edges and arranging furnishings to promote comfort, you can easily up the appearance of any room.

Acre Studio’s range of furniture utilises warm timbers and neutral tones to invite a sense of calm into your home. Whether you opt for the Roller Table or Simple Coffee Table, the pairing of metal and wood will create the perfect matrimony of balance and wholesomeness.

Another furniture brand, Pedersen + Lennard, is built on the concept of simple lines, functional design, and timeless aesthetic. Its ranges find the unique relationship between the beauty of timber and the strength of stainless steel. When you select furniture with a strong focus on design, you’ll find you don’t need as many accessories to keep a room visually interesting.

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Antidote’s furniture range has a minimalist simplicity, but maximum impact. From the Zig occasional chair to the Lily side tables, that slides perfectly into one compact unit, these pieces keep things clean, compact, and comfortable by bringing design and function to any space.

2. Clear the clutter

When space is treated as an element of design, the result is a sense of lightness that lifts the mood. And what better way to create space than clearing the clutter? Antidote’s Welcome Rack, in black steel and timber, is the perfect piece to keep you from tossing your jacket over the back of a couch. Instead, shake off your long day by hanging up your worries. Another great option is the Stockholm Coat Stand by Pedersen + Lennard, crafted using oak and stainless steel, this coat rack would look at home in any entrance hall.

Mia Mélange and Baskiti's natural baskets also offer storage in an oh-so-stylish way. Their versatile basket options are an effortlessly elegant way to store odds and ends, while blankets, throws, towels, and toys can finally find a hiding place. Creating a relaxing haven is as simple as adding a basket.

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3. Add some texture

Elevate your minimalist living room by adding texture. This will add some character and intrigue into the space, without detracting from your minimalist approach. Using textiles in inviting fabrics such as chunky knits, velvet, waffle weaved cotton or heavyweight linens is a great way to vary the textures in your home. These throws from The Cotton Company are great for draping over a sofa or adding timeless style to your bed.

Vanilya Turkish Blanket
By The Cotton Company

Vanilya Turkish Blanket

From R 1,995.00

When luxury meets simplicity, that’s when style hits the sweet spot. This gorgeous Turkish cotton blanket is the perfect balance of softness and substance. Made from 100% Turkish cotton – the very best money can buy – it shows off a neutral vanilla-coloured base highlighted with understated black st...

Scatter pillows and heavyweight, pure linen throws by Beagle and Basset are beautiful to the touch and fill any room with life and soul. And, if you’re looking to add a subtle touch of colour, their linen has been botanically dyed with locally foraged fynbos or scabiosa flowers.

4. Invite light

Placing mirrors in strategic places to reflect both natural and artificial light will make any room seem brighter.

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Next, brighten up the room by adding light. The Pedersen + Lennard Salisbury Large Lamp is great for lighting up dark corners and can be used above a couch or dining room table. Antidote’s Halo Lamp will cast a soft glow, and, as a bonus, its raffia shade will add another layer of texture.

5. Finishing touches

Select a few special pieces to add personality and a cosy atmosphere to your home. We know that simplicity is key when it comes to minimalist living so a good rule of thumb is to only select items that are essential or meaningful to you. With captivating scents such as winter rose, orange blossom or ginger cake, lighting an Amanda-Jayne scented candle is a great way to instantly set the mood in your living space.

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Creating a minimalist home is so much more than creating a Pinterest-worthy room, it's about finding the balance between simplicity, comfort, and practicality. Ultimately, the goal is to add joy and life to your home.

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