Frame It: Local Wall Art We Love

From drawing on cave walls to painting the roof of the Sistine Chapel — art has always been used to create a visual story. Today, it is still an integral part of life, bringing joy and adding character to our spaces. Hanging on a wall, placed on a side table, or stacked on a shelf, the right piece can transform a room and breath life into your home. We've gone art-diving and these local brands are all kinds of "stop and stare".

Acre Studio

For the minimalist at heart

With the aim to make designer furniture more functional and more approachable, Acre Studio specialises in home decor with a bespoke touch. Discover the beauty in simplicity with their collection of bold, minimalistic prints. Available framed and unframed, these prints will add a welcome element of stylish sophistication to your home aesthetic.

Acre Studio


For the love of botanicals

Just as an artist uses paint or any other materials to create a composition, Velt uses land and sea and sea botanicals to create unique pieces of art. From intricately patterned leaves and African grasses to brightly coloured flowers and preserved real-life seaweeds, founder Nicola Andrag works with a diverse range of ethically sourced South African foliage to create these exquisite wall hangings.

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The Adorned

For the love of warm & earthy tones

With warm earthy tones directly from mother nature, The Adorned collection is inspired by primitive art and symbolism from various cultures. All prints are carved out of lino and hand-printed by artist Natasha Minyon, and each print is hand-signed and limited to an edition of 100. Intentionally and respectfully made, these pieces will add an extra special touch to your space.

The Adorned


For the love of bold colour and strokes

One thing that is always dominant across all Marie-Louise Koen's work is colour. Her emotive artworks embrace bold colours, through purposeful strokes of acrylics and oils. Marie-Louise is a Cape Town born Artist and Interior Designer, who's work has been well received internationally, across both New York City and South Africa. Through her bespoke art brand, MARIELOUISEKOEN, she offers a range of fine art and fine art prints, making her artwork accessible to not only collectors but all art lovers.


Darylle Iris

For the ocean lover

Darylle Iris is a professional architect and fine artist based in the coastal town of Southbroom, Kwa Zulu Natal. In her dreamy watercolour "Oceans Collection", the experience of the beach walk is reimagined, as the details of the water, rock formations and indigenous dune forests are explored. These watercolour artworks are printed onto premium archival textured paper and are available in sizes ranging from A5 to A0.

Darylle Iris

African Artworks

For the love of all that is Africa

African Artwork showcases the beauty and spirit of Africa through an impressive collection of original photographic artworks from various female photographers. From their Cultures Collection, showcasing the life of various African tribes, to their Wildlife Collection, featuring wildlife scenes from East and southern Africa — each artwork celebrates the rich diversity of our Africa continent.

African Artwork

Amy Ayanda

For the love of texture

Amy Ayanda's inspiration is drawn from the colours and silhouettes of the Cape Town landscape and the fierce love of a mother for her children, each stroke of her paintbrush is an expression of longing and belonging. Whether you’re looking to invest in a hand-painted original, commission a bespoke artwork, snap up smaller prints, or peruse the gift shop for journals, desk planners, and the like, each piece is something you’ll want to come home to.

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