Six Ways to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe

Six Ways to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe

Moving towards sustainable fashion doesn’t have to mean throwing out your entire wardrobe! There are so many things each and every one of us can do to make a difference in a world dominated by fast fashion.

Here are six simple ways to create a more sustainable wardrobe:

1. Re-educate yourself

Don’t bury your head in the sand. Buying cheaply-made fast fashion can only mean that prices have been driven down. This often means that the materials are cheap and workers are underpaid. Research your favourite brands to decide if they’re a business you want to support.

2. Invest in your clothes

When you’re looking to buy new pieces, always ask yourself whether you will still want to wear the piece in a years time or if you’re just following the trends. Similarly, try buying items that are trans-seasonal and can mix and match.

3. Restyle your wardrobe

You might look at your clothes and feel like you have nothing to wear — but sometimes you just need to take a look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes. If you see an outfit you love online try recreating it with what you already have.

4. Repair your damage

Don’t throw away your clothes the minute they get damaged! An unattached seam or button that has fallen off can be easily sorted out with a bit of needle and thread. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials for beginners which will tell you exactly what you need to do (or you can just go to a seamstress).

5. Try vintage or second-hand

Every time you buy second-hand or thrift your clothes you’re stopping another piece from ending up on top of a landfill! Venture to your local vintage shop or support a charity and you might find some real gems.

6. Shop local

You know how much we love shopping locally! When you shop from local brands you’re not only supporting artists and creators in your community, but you’re also buying clothes that are made using locally sourced and sustainable materials.

Whatever your budget, it’s not too difficult to consider new ways of changing the way you value clothes, leading to a more sustainable fashion lifestyle.

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