Oh my Hat

Think a hat is just for shading your face from the sun or keeping your head warm during the colder months? Think again! Gone are the days where a hat is just a functional part of your wardrobe. A hat instantly adds attitude to any look and is one of the easiest ways to transform an outfit from drab to fab. Here, we’ve rounded up our favourite local picks for every style and occasion. We promise once you find your favourite style, it’ll become your go-to accessory.

Grab your bucket (hat)

On-trend and a must-have for summer – a bucket hat is versatile and fuss-free. Not to mention easy to squeeze into your handbag or back pocket. We love that these practical hats come in a variety of materials, colours and prints, meaning you’re sure to find one to suit your taste.

Bucket hats

Not the last straw

Straw hats are lightweight and complement any warm-weather outfit, from linen pants and floral dresses to denim shorts. Choose a chic boater for a semi-formal event or a more relaxed style for lazy beach days.

Straw Hats

Fabulous fedoras

Few hats ooze style like a fedora. Made from wool felt with a signature indented crown, a fedora focuses all eyes on your hairstyle and face. Most designs are unisex and timeless, making this a good investment piece you’ll wear for years to come.

The classic peak

Your athleisure outfit won’t be complete without a classic peak cap. Comfortable, durable, and flattering on any face shape – need we say more?

Making a statement

Making a statement has never been easier! These unique hats are perfect for a special occasion, and we can't help admiring the creativity and craftsmanship that’s gone into each design.

For the kids

Let’s not forget about a hat for your little ones. These picks check all the boxes: fun prints, comfy materials, and wide rims to keep them safe during their adventures in the sun.

Kiddies Hats

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