Pichulik Studio Tour

What started off as a gathering of 3 women around a kitchen table in 2013, to an atelier in the heart of Cape Town's city centre, PICHULIK, is testament to hard work paying off. A few months ago, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to pop into PICHULIK's atelier for a peek behind the scenes, where the hands of many make magic happen.

On entering the PICHULIK space natural light passes through the top floor's windows, creating an airy light-filled workspace. Up one flight of stairs, and you're greeted by the creations of Katherine and her team. During the time of our visit, Circe, PICHULIK's most recent collection was displayed in a minimal manner, to allow for appreciation of the pieces.


PICHULIK collaborates with and employs women, and as well as outsources to local female-owned small businesses, to promote job creation and economic activity in local communities.

The PICHULIK team is a pan-African group of women who create everything by hand, and during our tour, we had the privilege to witness some of the intricate jewellery mastery on site. Seated at a large wooden table, to the right of the PICHULIK showcase, the talented artisans handcraft each jewellery piece from rope and other organic materials. The precision in which they twisted, snipped and soldered each piece together felt like we were watching art in the making and magic unfold.


You need to work with people you adore. They might not have the same opinion as you, they might not fully be on board with every decision you make, but you’ve really got to create a team that is connected, supports you and is on the same vision.
Katherine Pichulik

Accompanying the main workstation, to the left, the room is filled with rolls of rope in every colour you could imagine, along with an assembly table and tools.

Using re-purposed rope and unexpected, organic materials like water pearls and shells to adorn earrings, pendants, rings, bangles, and necklaces, each piece is a talisman inspired by ancient traditions and cultures worldwide.

The PICHULIK studio is a testament to Katherine's bold and creative designs — with pinboards overflowing with PICHULIK imagery and fun staff photographs, the reels of colourful ropes and materials and all the natural greenery, the space was infused with colour, creativity and inspiration.

The ethos behind the Pichulik brand is the alchemy of transforming everyday materials, through touch, craft and design, elevating them into something precious and covetable. As a result, the women wearing these pieces are inspired to be courageous and powerful.
Kathryn Pichulik

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About the brand


Pichulik is no stranger to the South African fashion market. Frequently worn by SA’s most stylish women, each piece is a work of art that is strikingly different, and just-fully so, as each creation is individually hand made and therefore carries a unique touch of its maker. This luxury jewellery br...