Behind The Edit: ONEOFEACH

The Local Edit sits down with influential South African entrepreneurs to have meaningful conversations and uncover what it takes to build (what seems to be) a perfectly edited brand.

Tamburai Chirume was born to be an entrepreneur. With one foot in finance and another in a market stall (literally), Tamburai — alongside her mother Pauline — build their luxury fashion and accessories brand, ONEOFEACH, from the ground up. Since childhood, Tamburai had an entrepreneurial spirit, and at university, she became the go-to gal for anyone looking to buy a bespoke Pauline Chirume outfit. As a Zimbabwean growing up in South Africa, Tamburai brings a fresh perspective to business and life. Tune in to hear her share about an inspiring collaboration that emerged during the global pandemic, the journey of building a brand from nothing, presenting to 7,000 people at Facebook Dublin, and why one should never underestimate the power of a humbler market table displaying beautiful products.

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About the brand


Style is a One-of-a-Kind Accessory In a world of mass production, finding something one-of-a-kind is a rare treasure. But thanks to this mother-and-daughter team Tamburai and Pauline Chirume, you have access to a fashion brand where no two products are the same. From leather clutch bags embellished...