Play with Pops of Colour

It's no surprise that neutrals and muted colours are all the rage — a well-curated neutral palette is timeless. However, introducing a splash of colour into your living space is a great way to add some joy and personality to your home. Although decorating with colour might seem intimidating at first, you can find hues that not only enhance your home but also complement your lifestyle and bring out your personality. Buckle down, take a deep breath, and open your mind – and eyes – to the beautiful possibilities of colour.

Small colour treasures

If you're looking to add visual interest to your table, a set of Project Dyad’s free-form leather. Whether you choose the pebble, soft serve, desert, or seaside set, these little babies play off the dualities of colour, line, and texture for a subtle yet playful pop of colour.

Colour your kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and adding colour is the perfect way to bring an extra element of warmth. Pedersen + Lennard has created some fun pieces to accomplish this. Their Breadbin, a birch ply structure with a mild steel lid that doubles as a recipe book stand, will not only add a lifetime of use but also bring joy to this special space. And you’ll be spoiled for choice when deciding on a shade. Yellow for cheerfulness, teal for a sense of calm, red for exuberance and passion – these and several other options are available and ready to colour your kitchen.

For the counter, why not look at their iconic bucket bar stool? These handmade steel bucket chairs have been featured all across the globe and still, they are one of our firm favourites!

While bringing colour into a small space might feel risky, it’s possible to be bold without going overboard. One way to do this is by choosing Pedersen + Lennard’s recycle bin. This handmade steel bin is available in any colour that tickles your fancy. Think yellow, anthracite, terracotta, dusty pink, vintage green, teal, or red.

Recycle Bin
By Pedersen + Lennard

Recycle Bin

From R 1,950.00

Handmade steel bins with a swing lid for recycling / general waste Finish: Powder coated*Stainless steel wire bin liner Dimensions (mm): Regular: 300 x 490– 42 Litres Large: 360 x 605 – 67 Litres

Liven up your living room

Your neutral living area is the perfect empty canvas for a splash of colour. With Wanderland Collective, art meets functional design in a beautiful explosion of colour and texture. The result? A range of fabulously unique and vivid cushions featuring hand-painted artwork by local artists. This collection will brighten up any room in an effortlessly elegant way.


Brighten up your bathroom

Another foolproof way to colour in a boring bathroom is by adding vibrant towels, these will instantly turn the space into your favourite sanctuary. You won’t be throwing in the towel on colour any time soon.

Nurture natural hues

The most beautiful colour combinations are found in nature – the fresh pinks and greens of spring, warm hues of autumn, vibrant yellows and clear blues of summer, subdued shades of winter – so it stands to reason that inviting the outside in is one of the best ways to add colour to your home. In Velt’s Bougainvillea Summer collection, this flower’s papery magenta petals are preserved between exhibition glass and framed in rose gold to make the perfect wall hanging.

Mia Mélange has also created an ideal union between neutral and bright colours. This brand’s bright Planter Baskets – available in flamingo pink, ocean blue, and moss green – were designed in celebration of spring and summer. Simply plant some greenery in these cotton rope beauties, and you’ll have the perfect pop of colour that can breathe life into any room.

Colourful baskets

Be brave and make a statement

How about taking a brave leap and adding a really bold furniture piece to your collection? Something that makes you smile? Ayris Collection's vibrant range balances bold and playful designs with natural ease and simplicity, and are sure to add some personality into your space.

Colour consciously – and subconsciously – permeates every facet of your life. It can comfort, cheer up, calm down, energise, testify to life. Why not start harnessing these benefits in your home today?

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