Weddings and how they've changed!

After almost two years of unpredictability and re-scheduled weddings, celebrations in 2022 are here to make a statement. Whether it’s a relaxed backyard celebration with just your closest friends or a major event with all the bells and whistles, weddings have taken a new direction post the pandemic. This year’s couples are likely to steer away from tradition and instead prioritise unique details that embody their personalities and lifestyles.

Looking at wedding trends post-pandemic, there seems to be a shift away from the “traditional” towards more intentional, simplistic and conscious wedding trends. These vary from intimate weddings with a focus on simplistic and neutral palettes, using conscious materials, to big parties with bold colours, focusing on sustainable decor and conscious wedding attire. There also seems to be a shift towards 1920 post-war inspired trends, focussing on romantic sleeves and short dresses.

1. Less formal

Wedding dresses have become much more personal of the past few years. Brides are opting for less formal and more personal dresses. Whether it’s a skirt and top or bohemian flowy dress, brides are caring less about tradition and going for something that reflects their personalities.

Alternative Dresses

Adding details like a hat, jacket, boots or over the top jewellery gives brides more options to adapt their wedding attire to be more reflective of who they are. Many brides around the world are ignoring traditional and creating their own rules. Wedding dresses have taken on different forms of tones and tints of white, to complete alternative looks like bold two-piece sets or short dresses (you call the shots).

A few trends we’ve noted are romantic puff-sleeves, corsets and two-piece wedding sets — which make transitioning from ceremony to afterparty a simple affair.

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2. Stacked Rings

Stacked rings are becoming a popular trend (again). Not only for creating a unique and personalised look, but many brides feel that each ring represents a special moment in their lives.

And don’t forget the ever-classic vintage-inspired ring! It’s always a win.

Stack these

3. Eco-friendly & earth toned weddings

Brides have become more aware of the environmental impact their wedding have and opt for more sustainable and eco-friendly decor and wedding favours.

This is easier than it sounds when you think natural confetti, e-invites, donating your flowers after your big day, as well as buying pre-loved wedding dresses or sustainably made, classic, bridesmaid dresses that can be reworn.

Earthy tones

4. Intimate Weddings & Destination Elopements

We all know how stressful it can be to find the perfect wedding venue (not even to mention the current backlog and the investment it takes to book a space for your big day) it’s no wonder so many brides are opting for intimate gatherings in their garden, at the beach or dreamy public parks.

Many couples are also opting to have fewer guests and are rather heading straight to their honeymoon destination with their marriage officiant and those closest to them, to celebrate their big day.

Honeymoon ready

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