Simple soulful festive ideas

Whether you're hosting a large group for Christmas or just want to add some festive cheer to your dining table, there are endless ways to decorate your home during the festive season.

In keeping with our mission at The Local Edit to inspire more conscious purchases, we’re taking a slower approach to our decor this year by creating festive scenes with items that not only have a purpose but transcend the season too. The beauty about minimalist, functional and neutral decorations is that they can be tailored to suit any occasion.

Pedersen + Lennard, 1701, Mia Mélange, Amanda-Jayne, Calico Ceramics, Baskiti

Over the last few months, our team has curated over 12 000 local products that are all available for purchase on our app — many of which we know you’ll love for this festive season. Finding the perfect minimalist additions to your festive collection can be overwhelming so we’ve compiled a festive selection with our favourites below.

Simple investment pieces

Keeping your foundational decor items in a neutral colour pallet allows you to re-use them for other festive occasions, without being bound to a very specific theme.

Start your collection of simplicity by slowly investing in simple quality pieces, like a beautiful wooden table, simple quality linen or hand made neutral ceramics over time. These items will become the go-to for the first elements to be added to your festive celebrations, whether it's a birthday, baby shower or Christmas.

Investment pieces

Natural touches

Think about adding stark branches, green foliage or flowers to your festive set-up for some height and inspiring shapes. And if your budget is tight, we suggest you buy simple investment pieces like ceramics and napkins and rather go for a walk in nature, foraging for some interesting plant shapes or even dried branches to add some natural touches to your design. A beautiful foraged branch can serve as the perfect minimalist base for hanging ceramic ornaments or any festive decor.

Little treasures

Handmade from the heart

Few things encapsulate love, quite like handmade items. Crafting can be a wholesome family experience and a welcoming opportunity to get creative, but if this year caught you a little off guard or you'd rather support the artist than try your hand at it, we've selected a collection of handmade pieces that will add that personal touch to your festive decoration and gifts and most definitely be an inspirational conversation starter. Because anything handmade always does.

Handmade with love

Edible treats

Food is the hallmark feature of all festive occasions — so what could be more appropriate than a gift of a treat? From quality homemade nougat and fudge to gourmet marshmallows, our local creators have the most amazing selection of tasty treats that your guests will love. Not only are they undeniably good, but they’re also packaged so beautifully that you won’t need any additional wrapping.


Less is more

We often find our carefully curated festive tables overloaded with food and drinks the minute the guests arrive, that’s why we’re embracing a minimalist approach to table decor this year. Think natural wax candles, multi-purpose woven baskets and placemats, and stunning linen napkins that give you all the same magic with less clutter.

To wrap or not to wrap?

Single-use gift wrapping may look fun, but there is a more eco-friendly alternative that looks just as good (if not better). If you didn't know, Furoshiki is the art of using cloth or fabric to wrap your goods and we absolutely love that the wrapping is like a second gift in itself! Why not skip the paper wrapping and use old fabric, scarves or elegant tea towels to wrap your gifts this year?

Wrap it up

An ambient experience

So you’ve made your feast, dressed your table and pulled out all the stops for drinks — what could possibly be missing? There’s one last finishing touch that is often forgotten: ambience. Lighting and scent can completely transform the festive experience, and quality scented candles do both. Take your pick from our collection of quality, natural wax candles in bespoke handmade vessels.

Set the ambiance

After all, has been decorated and done, and that pre-Christmas stress has settled, we hope that you get to enjoy your time with loved ones — surrounded by beautiful, locally-made creations.

From The Local Edit to you, have a happy festive season!

Pedersen + Lennard, 1701, Mia Mélange, Amanda-Jayne, Calico Ceramics, Baskiti

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