Thalia Strates bagging slow fashion in style

Like with many businesses, the only way to solve her problem was to start her own range. Through her personal journey of struggle to find “the one” bag that would never leave her side, Thalia started designing her own leather handbag, which today has unfolded in a full range.

Inspired by nature, this strong, independent woman channelled her inner wild self to become what is now known as the Thalia Strates collection of bags and accessories. A timeless pair of shapes fit for any occasion, with unique, unexpected details. Belt bags adorned with colourful shearling wool, a Springbok ‘Mohawk’ satchel, and mix-match detachable straps that customise any of her classic bucket bags – while keeping sustainability and slow fashion top of mind.

Thalia Strates Range

Besides handcrafting each piece in a workshop in Cape Town, her brand only uses indigenous skins that are a byproduct of the meat industry, while using production off-cuts to make smaller items like cardholders and earrings to minimise waste. Ultimately, Thalia’s accessories are made to last, while inviting their owners to embrace the wear that comes age. A sustainable luxury bag that will last a lifetime, while maturing with age, each one in its own unique way.


About the brand

Thalia Strates

Thalia Strates is a well-considered, functional leather essentials range that stands for quality and originality. Thalia's premium range is about marrying clean silhouettes with materials that show their age with wear. Each piece comes to life as it softens and gains marks as a result of the wearer'...