An Organised New Year

From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life.
Marie Kondo

As cliché as it may seem, the start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to make much-needed changes to your lifestyle. Gym, work, self-care — we imagine your resolution list is filled with endless things you’d like to pursue or change in 2022, but making these changes can be tricky in a space that’s disorganised.

At The Local Edit, we’d love to help you kick start 2022 on the right note — or, should we say, organised note. Below, we share a few gems by our brands that will have you feeling organised in no time!

Employee of the year

As we find our working and home lives more intertwined than ever, keeping your workspace efficient and organised has never been more important. If your priority is productivity (and sanity) — decluttering your workspace is the best place to start.

A sleek, multi-functional desk like the Mrs Boss Lady from Ayris Collection makes for an enviable home office, while nifty laptop bags, pencil cases and notepads make it easy to work from anywhere.

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Sweet dreams are made of these

The bedroom is often described as the sanctuary of the home — and this has never been more pertinent than in the time of remote work. Your bedroom should be a space of comfort and relaxation, free from unnecessary clutter that may get in the way of a restful night of sleep.

Avoid mess like ‘the chair’ of scattered clothes by purchasing some chic hooks and baskets for storage, and keep your jewellery, stationery and other tiny treasures neatly organised in a holder or tray.

Helpful hooks
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Wash away your worries

Having a tidy bathroom is key to making your morning and evening routines speedier and easier. Which, in turn, makes your life so much easier. Where do we sign up?

Joon’s range of minimalist bathroom organisers, like their toothbrush holder and dispenser set, are perfect for above-counter clutter, while the Pederson & Lennard mirror cabinet and Mia Mélange laundry basket will keep the rest stylishly hidden away.

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Cooking without clutter

Piles of dishes, clutter, tupperware without matching lids — let’s all agree to leave this in 2021. This year, a clean and organised kitchen is how we’re reinvigorating our love for cooking and baking.

Baskiti’s specially-designed hanging storage baskets are a lifesaver for keeping fruit and veggies fresh and out of the way. Other organisational lifesavers like spice racks, knife holders, toast racks and floating shelves are also great at clearing much-needed counter space.

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