Behind The Edit: Hannah Lavery

The Local Edit sits down with influential South African entrepreneurs to have meaningful conversations and uncover what it takes to build (what seems to be) a perfectly edited brand.

If I could use two words to describe Hannah Lavery, it would be structured creative. Her easy-going demeanour, yet calculated approach to her business and life, oozes through everything she does. From successfully building her fashion brand Hannah Lavery as a fresh Design Academy of Fashion graduate to her genius capsule wardrobe designs that live beyond seasons, Hannah exists at the nexus of being serious without taking herself — or her brand — too seriously. No wonder Hannah Lavery clothing is likened to the midpoint between pyjamas and power suits. Take a listen to the latest episode of Behind The Edit to hear Hannah discuss her unplanned plan to build her business, the significance of her "cocoon phase" when processing uncertainty, why it's important to test clothing on real women during the design process, and how unexpected pressure and risk helped her propel her brand forward.

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Hannah Lavery

“We stand by the notion that there are no bad bodies, just bad fits." This is where you find the clothes for YOU, not the YOU for the clothes. Designer Hannah Lavery is passionate about creating clothing with comfort in mind, allowing you to live and dress with ease. During the design process, the t...