Behind The Edit: Matsidiso

The Local Edit sits down with influential South African entrepreneurs to have meaningful conversations and uncover what it takes to build (what seems to be) a perfectly edited brand.

Jinae Heyns's journey to building Matsidiso — an African inspired luxury shoe brand — is in true Behind The Edit style, an unconventional one. Not only is Jinae an American gal living in South Africa, but she's also a digital marketer turn shoe designer. After lengthy deliberations about her mother-in-law's dancewear factory's future, Jinae and her husband decided to pivot the business into a shoe factory in 2017. With no prior experience in the shoe industry, what Jinae has learned and achieved in less than five years is truly remarkable. In the final episode of season one, Jinae gives Behind The Edit an audio tour of her Cape Town-based shoe factory's intricate workings and shares openly about the past few years' most challenging discoveries. Tune in to episode eight to hear Jinae share about her realistic take on the various layers of profitability versus sustainability and the importance of finding a balance between the multiple considerations that impact a business' holistic sustainability. Jinae also talks about having a healthy business ecosystem and happy employees, why breathing is an essential component to running a business successfully, being open to pivoting your business when needed, and why starting small is the best way to grow your brand.

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