Behind The Edit: Pedersen + Lennard

The Local Edit sits down with influential South African entrepreneurs to have meaningful conversations and uncover what it takes to build (what seems to be) a perfectly edited brand.

Luke Pedersen created his dream job. Due to a lack of product design opportunities in the country, Luke, alongside his university buddy and business partner, James Lennard, founded Pedersen + Lennard in a garage back in 2008. More than a decade later, their furniture design company based in Cape Town has more than 30 employees and roll out 50 - 60 projects every week. With an Interaction Design master's degree from Mälmo University in Sweden and familial ties to Denmark, Luke brings a Scandinavian touch to all Pedersen + Lennard products. Tune into episode six to hear Luke share more about his connection to Scandinavian design and his intention to design timeless furniture that can be passed down for generations to come. Luke also candidly talks about the design of their infamous bucket chair, the role of conversation in his design process, the intimate partnership between design and production, and why attitude is key when training others.

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Pedersen + Lennard

Where you might only see stainless steel and timbre, James Lennard and Luke Pedersen see the potential for unique, classic, and elegantly crafted furniture pieces. They allow the materials to guide their design, resulting in simple lines with a timeless aesthetic. Pedersen + Lennard was established...