Behind The Edit: Mia Mélange

The Local Edit sits down with influential South African entrepreneurs to have meaningful conversations and uncover what it takes to build (what seems to be) a perfectly edited brand.

There's something special about Jeanneke Malan, the creative brain behind Mia Mélange — a Stellenbosch-based artisanal weaving atelier. She (alongside her husband, Simon) manages to successfully run five businesses while genuinely knowing and caring deeply for every person she employs. If you want to feel a little bit better about the world, listen to the latest episode of Behind The Edit to hear Jeanneke share priceless anecdotes of the makers behind the brand and how a team member (and a sewing machine) carried her community through the harsh realities of COVID-19. In this episode, Jeanneke also shares her journey of taking over Mia Mélange from the founder and how the brand innovates through making mistakes.

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Mia Mélange

It’s said that every time you buy from an independent business an actual happy person does a dance. At Mia Mélange we know who’d be dancing — Babsy, Fina, Verona to name a few — because in this business every handcrafted item has a Maker, every Maker has a Name, and every Name is a significant threa...