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Water-resistant upcycled plastic moon bag | Marbled with fuchsia zip

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THE MOON BAG IS ALSO KNOWN AS A FANNY PACK, WAIST WALLET, BELT BAG, BELLY BAG, CHAOS POUCH, BUFFALO POUCH, HIP SACK, BUTT PACK, MOON BAG, SAC BANANE... OURS IS UPCYCLED! The exterior is made of discarded plastic, the lining is organic hemp and the adjustable waist belt is made of organic hemp webbi...Show more
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They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure, and for Tessa O'Halloran, founder and owner of Plasticity, plastic waste is the most valuable of treasures. While the world grows increasingly aware of the lasting environmental damage from plastic waste, many people have sought ways to transf...Show more