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Bridal bloom - Small petal earring with stainless steel gold ball stud and 14k gold plated Cubic Zirconia leaf pendant

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* polymer clay * Gold stainless steel ball stud * Patterns on the front and back * 14k gold plated Cubic Zirconia pendant * please allow up to 10 working days HANDMADE: Due to the handmade nature of the pieces, they may feature slight imperfections and inconsistencies. This do not affect...Show more
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Novelle Artistry

In an exquisite embodiment of femininity, Corlette Booyens transformed her love of art, colour, and texture into the Novelle Artistry brand of one-of-a-kind, mixed-media earrings worthy of all women. From boldly sculpted pieces in vivid blues, oranges, yellows, and magentas to elegantly timeless and...Show more