By Kat van Duinen

Big Bow Blouse | Khaki

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R 3,800.00





'Go BIG' Large Poplin Bow Blouse Bow Blouse - has always been a steady and recurring piece in Kat van Duinen stories. It's an iconic - 'must-have' style In the 'Odyssey' Range it returns bigger and bolder than ever. Japanese Cotton Poplin allows You to wear it on a Fabulous Safari Dinner - even in v...Show more
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Kat van Duinen

“We must re-establish pride in skills that are not only worth preserving but help the planet. I am passionate about objects made by human hands. A product is a luxe when it is handmade, tailored for a few. Because today luxury involves exclusiveness - and not because it is addressed to few people, b...Show more

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