Dynamic mother-daughter duos

The mom and daughter duo’s, that are total Boss Babes!

It's always great to see women winning in business, even better are dynamic mother-daughter entrepreneurial duos! We chatted to three inspirational creative duo's to find out how their cross-generational insight, coupled with their special bonds, are helping to build their lovely local brands.

Here’s a sneak-peak into the lives of these incredible women.

Ammara Designs | Gail and Racine

Having the perfect business partner is definitely not easy to come by, however, Racine and her mom Gail, believe that there is no better team than one made up of a mother and daughter.

Starting your own fashion company will always have its ups and downs and while Racine and Gail have had a few over the last year and a half, since starting Ammara, they say there is no one better to navigate these waters with, than each other.

What makes their dynamic so great, is that they have huge respect for one another and understand each other incredibly well. That’s not to say they don’t have disagreements (which is totally understandable) but they are always able to bounce-back due to their love and understanding of each other.

Racine is (and always has been) incredibly proud of her mom. Gail works hard to support Racine and their business and has helped bring their dream to life.

Through their mutual love for fashion, quality and sustainability, this duo has been able to successfully create a phenomenal brand, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Me&B | Betina and Kelly

This Cape Town founded, mother and daughter fashion brand, Me&B, has completely shaken things up in the Mother-City as well as the rest of South Africa. They believed that high-quality, fashion forward clothing, should be available at fair prices, so they set out to create unique pieces, with local designers, who shared their creativity and confidence.

Betina and Kelly have come a long way in their journey with Me&B and are always looking out for the latest trends. They want their pieces to help you show the world who you are, all while looking stylishly tailored and feeling your best.

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ONEOFEACH | Pauline and Tamburai

This mom and daughter team is nothing short of remarkable.

Tamburai, came from a mix of banking and fashion (having worked with major fashion magazines such as Elle Bulgaria as well as joining the wealth and investments world) which helped conceptualise their ONEOFEACH dream and make it become a business reality.

Pauline, who is equally as impressive, is a fashion designer and contemporary visual artist, with over 30 years’ of experience.

Their collaborative journey has led to the creation of an incredible brand, which embraces their love of ethnic prints, leather and all-natural fibres. This is how each handbag or accessory becomes a piece of art, with its own identity and story.


Hannah Lavery | Hannah & Carol

If you’ve ever met Carol, you’ll instantly know she’s Hannah’s mom by the way in which she looks at Hannah. No mom has ever been prouder and more in awe of her daughter.

Carol and Hannah have worked closely, since the conceptualisation of the Hannah Lavery brand. Whether it’s over a pile of fabric, doing invoicing or patterns, you will always see this mom and daughter team, working hard to create incredible pieces that are the midpoint between pyjamas and power suits. They stand by the notion that there are no bad bodies, just bad fits.

One of the things Carol loves most about working with Hannah, is how she runs her business. She acknowledges that everyone that works with her, is an integral part of the team and she runs her business with kindness, generosity and openness.

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A big cheers to all the mom and daughter duos out there!