By Thandana

Cosmetic Maxi Bag Set Laminated Fabric

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R 1,029.00

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1 x Clear Bag L32 x W13 x H23 1 x Box Bag L19 x W12 x H13.5 2 x Small Bag  L18 x W7 x H13 * Sold as a set and not sold individually * Clear PVC cosmetic bag plus 3x PVC Laminated fabric cosmetic bags * New PVC Laminated water-resistant fabric for extra protection and durability * Inside of the b...Show more
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The word Thandana means “to love one another” in Zulu culture, and this mantra truly underpins everything they do. Their symbol is derived from ancient Zulu rock art paintings - a symbol for the word “and” which denotes “addition” or “to add to', making it fitting that the philosophy of the Thandana...Show more