By Pokkelokkie

OSFM Superwrap waterproof cover (6kg+)

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R 680.00






Handmade.100% waterproof softshell. Soft and gentle with a silky, fleece binding, unique to Pokkelokkie. Suitable for over flats and fitteds (not for use with Snappit Pro inserts).Covers can be rotated through the day. Air dry one on a window then change. Use three to four a day.Learn more about cov...Show more
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When aiming to live more sustainably, choosing reusable nappies is one of the biggest contributions parents can make. Pokkelokkie’s cloth nappies make this easier than ever. When founder Kerryn was pregnant with her first child, the thought of throwing a single-use plastic nappy in a black bag where...Show more

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