By Eco Diva Natural

Hydrating Lip Balm - Soothes Chapped Lips, Hydrates with Vitamins C,A,E/Shea Butter

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For naturally luscious, healthy lips. The Eco Diva hydrating lip balm is naturally formulated to moisturize and hydrate lips without worrying about swallowing any harmful chemicals. Nutrient-rich ingredients feed skin to maintain moisturized, healthy, glowing lips all day. Multi-Use: * Eye Cream:...Show more
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Eco Diva Natural

Diva Natural. They believe in feeding your skin with only the best organic superfood ingredients – think baobab, oats, squalene, shea butter, and marula – empowering your skin to heal itself and get back its vibrant, healthy glow. After returning from living in the US for six years, founder Nicole S...Show more

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